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Welcome to Resistencia Ecologica

The legislations of the world about preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems are founded on THE HUMAN MORES, ETHIC AND AESTHETIC CONSIDERATIONS or in function of direct utility to us. In other words –NATURE HAS NO RIGHTS.

In our days we have witnessed a historical raise of organizations like:

  • Flora and Fauna International
  • Unesco World Heritage Canter
  • The Conservation Fund
  • Green Force
  • Ecological Development Fund
  • C.I. –Conservation International
  • T.N.C.-The Nature Conservancy
  • W.C.S.-Wildlife Conservation Society
  • W.W.F. World Wildlife Fund

All aimed to conservation. We support every action to preserve biodiversity and at the end life as we know it in this dearest to us blue planet.

After a number of years, and very significant expenditure of money and Human Resources we do not see optimistic results yielded by the projects and activities of the said organizations. Although we support them morally, we do not mean to substitute neither to replicate them.

As Resistance arises from just the people, facing unforeseen situations and crucial circumstances, if it is not a matter of survival now, it will always be sooner than expected.

Ecological Resistance means to be a realistic resistance in quest of enlightenment and the bond among the people in this world who are concerned about biodiversity, water, oxygen, ozone, life sustainability it self.